Erik Therwanger, Author at Think Great

The Cure for Social Distancing

Are you prepared to repair the damage in your business, caused by social distancing? Wait, what? There is damage happening? Yes, and the symptoms are already showing in the workplace. If left unchecked and uncured, the ripple effect of destruction will begin to dismantle business teams in the months and years to come. If teamwork […]

How to create a leadership foundation

Build your company as a skyscraper. Building a company is like building a skyscraper. You wouldn’t try to build hundreds of floors on top of just a dirt foundation. The ground shifts and changes constantly over time, and with every new floor, a stronger foundation is required to hold the weight of your building. Companies that […]

Deepen your desire for success

Why Passionate Business Athletes are Winners The first step to success is desire. As the Olympic games closed this year, it’s clear how desire drives these athletes to their success. When I coach sales, one of our first priorities is defining the desires of the sales person and the desires of the customer. Then, even […]