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Turning Discouragement Around

Have you ever felt discouraged? I know that life’s challenges can often cast a large shadow over our goals and dreams. But there is always hope!

My wife and I experienced a five-year period of challenges and heartaches. Gina was diagnosed with cancer twice, my father passed away, my career was up in the air, and our finances were at rock-bottom.

It all felt like being on a high-speed roller coaster; one that never slowed down. Adding goals to this ride seemed impractical, until I discovered that I was always in control of my thoughts and actions.

I made the decision to Think G.R.E.A.T., regardless of how fast our roller coaster was traveling, or how many sharp turns came our way. As for my thoughts, I was committed to keeping a positive attitude, an unwavering mindset, and a high belief level to realize our big picture.

As for my actions, I was more than willing to be in control of them, but I needed to identify them first. I discovered that every goal can be accomplished if you take the right steps. As I looked more into the true meaning of greatness, I found the first element of The Goal Formula.
The 5 Steps to Accomplishing Goals – G.R.E.A.T:

G – Identify important Goals in your life
R – Establish powerful Reasons for accomplishing your goals
E – Set high Expectations for yourself
A – Take all of the Actions necessary to achieve a greater life
T – Track your results intensely

No matter how powerful your personal storm may seem, you are bigger and stronger than it. Stay focused on setting your goals. If you are going through a tough time with another person, set goals together and use each other as strength.

Today, write down three important goals you need to accomplish. Let your goals motivate and inspire you through any tough times.

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