Pillar 1 - Leading - Think Great

3 Pillars

Business System

Dynamic Reading

Team Development

Deep-Dive Sessions

Unleash the Leadership Potential
in Your Entire Team

Bring The Elite Leadership System into your organization

Leadership is the foundation of growth and success. Elevate the results of your organization by developing the leadership skills of your team, at all levels, by introducing them to dynamic strategies and techniques that will allow them to inspire, motivate, and influence their team members.

Elite Leadership System

From the pages of his acclaimed book, The LEADERSHIP Connection, Erik shares the leadership strategies and techniques he learned while serving in the U. S. Marine Corps and has applied as an executive business leader and entrepreneur.

Empowering Topics

Part 1


Clearly Define Leadership
Develop a Unifying Culture
Identify Important Goals

Part 2


Raise Expectations
Delegate with a Purpose
Increase Accountability

Part 3



Part 4


Have a Plan
Build Leaders
Become a Visionary Leader

Overview Session
4-Part Series
The Leadership Link
Overview Session

Interactive Courses

Up to 90 minutes

This inspirational presentation wiII empower your entire team and wilI encourage leaders to fill more than their position; it will enable them to fulfill their greater purpose.

4-Part Series

Interactive Courses

3 Hour and 6 Hour Workshops

This dynamic series opens up new possibilities for leaders as they discover solutions to improving their results and enhancing the performance of their teams.

For the full impact, copies of The LEADERSHIP Connection and interactive workbooks are available!

The Leadership Link

Interactive Courses

3 Hour Workshops

The LEADERSHIP Link provides the ultimate leadership journey by using each chapter of The LEADERSHIP Connection to discuss and discover new strategies and techniques for becoming a GREAT leader. Materials provided.

Lead your people to new destinations

From the pages of his acclaimed book, The LEADERSHIP Connection, Erik Therwanger teaches the Elite Purposes of every leader. Beginning with his experience in the United States Marine Corps, he details how to develop business leaders at every level in your organization.

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People ask me; what is Red Cow? I reply, “a Leadership Development company that sells fine burgers, beer & wine”. A combination of Erik’s regular involvement in our Leadership Team meetings and habitual use of the Leadership Connection & G.P.S.- 90 Day Run – assisted us in achieving 323% growth over the past three years. The principles in Leadership Connection keeps our team focused, G.P.S.- 90 Day Run – keeps our actions on track and Erik assists me in course-correcting our team along the way.

Luke R. Shimp – President/Founder – Red Cow // Winner for 2016: #1 Fastest Growing Private Co. – MN