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Cover Your Assets

Erik Therwanger tells his story with Todd Rooker.

Hay House Radio

Erik Therwanger speaks in depth about his book The Leadership Connection while interviewed by Jenn Morris on Hay House Radio.


Listen here as Erik gives an overview of Think GREAT and the importance of leadership development.

America Tonight Radio

Listen to Erik discuss the Think GREAT Foundation with Kate Delaney from America Tonight Radio.

Three Word Meetings

Erik Speaks with Lisa Thal and shares more about The 3 Pillars of Business GREATNESS.

The Habit: Exhibit the highest levels of bearing. 

Raising Your Leadership Bar – Canadian Franchise Association


>LEAD.EXE_ Podcast – Leading Through Chaos with Erik Therwanger

Mixing Business with Pleasure: Erik & Gina Therwanger

Erik & Gina Therwanger, are married co-founders of Think GREAT—a family company that teaches businesses and people around the world how to set and accomplish great goals.