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U.S. Marine Corps veteran and founder of Think GREAT, Erik Therwanger, has actively worked to empower military families by participating in family readiness programs, the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, the Marine Corps League and other veteran organizations.

Seeing firsthand the challenges faced by the life in the military and the sacrifices made by military spouses to take care of their families, Erik knew it was time to help these courageous patriots to get back on track with their education and career goals.

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Our Mission

To enrich and enhance the lives of military and veteran spouses by supporting the accomplishment of their educational and career goals. 

Making a Difference, One Scholarship at a Time

Now, you can match their unwavering spirit and commitment by helping us to provide scholarships to the military spouses who have sacrificed so much from their own personal lives.

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Your generous donations can help change the lives of military spouses by providing the money needed to fund their higher education.

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What I admire most about Erik is that he’s put many years and a lot of really hard work into creating his own methodology on leadership, planning and sales. For example, through his recent TEDx Talk, Erik delivered a fresh and positive message about Millennials, one that was long overdue! He’s doing the hard work by publicly challenging leaders to lead. To paraphrase Erik, as leaders we must offer a healthy mix of both training and development. In other words, we must challenge Millenials and offer the opportunity for growth. If we do this and then inspire them to grow they will stay and become our most loyal contributors. I speak from experience when I say it works. After listening to Erik speak we implemented a mentorship program to develop our future leaders. Several of our mentees are Millennials and are now giving back in ways we never expected. It was a breakthrough moment for all of us. I believe Erik is spot on with what’s important today. As leaders, we are charged with inspiring from the highest ethical order, while simultaneously seeking continuous improvement and growth. Erik has a proven methodology!

Shawn Mingus – Vice President US Bank