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If Life Were an Olympic Sport,
How Do You Want to Medal?

Is It Time For You To Go For The GOLD?

Like every Olympic athlete, who strives for greater results, we need a coach to take our performance to new levels. Think GREAT provides coaching for elite results by focusing on your goals and the accountability and strategies to accomplish them.

Empowering Steps

Step 1


Assess strengths, weaknesses and coaching objectives

Step 2


Identify your short-term goals and challenges

Step 3


30-minutes of live accountability and discovery

Step 4


Relevant action items that move you to success

Take a Closer Look

Everyone benefits from a coach

When your goals create a burning desire in you, then you are ready for a coach who will take your goals as seriously as you do, hold you accountable, and provide the insights to keep you on track for success.

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At the time I contacted Erik, I was at a plateau stage in my career. I had set a goal of earning a promotion but needed the guidance of a coach to reach that level. Erik has been instrumental as a mentor invoking thoughtful soul-searching and guidance; however, what Erik provided was far more than coaching. He held me accountable to the steps necessary for success, while simultaneously empowering me to reflect and enhance my leadership skills. I believe these attributes have had a positive impact on my contributions to my team, peers, and employer. Erik has not only helped me to accomplish my goal but has supported my vision for much greater accomplishments – personally and professionally. Erik assists me to approach each situation with a holistic and strategic view as I strive to be a GREAT leader. Think GREAT coaching….is GREAT!

Susan Buttner - CFO, ExpressPoint