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The Think GREAT Experience is a podcast featuring dynamic guests who share their impactful moments of greatness.

Hosted by: author, speaker, and business coach, Erik Therwanger.

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*NEW EPISODE* Episode #48 – Hammering Out Greatness

Josh Neumann – Founder of Kind Lips

Joshua launched Kind Lips in 2017, but the story really began when he was a young boy. Growing up his lips always seemed to be drying out. His mother (the best mother of all time) gave him Vaseline to help with the constant dryness and so be-gan Joshua’s obsession with lip balms. Throughout life Joshua had searched supermarket shelves and boutique counters in pursuit of the perfect lip balm. Each tube and jar left one disappointment after another. Finally, he decided to do something about it. In the winter of 2016 Joshua began an obsession with learning what others were put-ting in their balms and the purpose of each ingredient. Knowing this tube not only served as a reminder to be kind, but also that the balm needed to be kind for lips, Joshua began mixing the 100% natural and organic ingredients on his stove over the next few months on Friday and Saturday evenings. Believing less is more, he set out to chef a balm with the highest quality ingredients that would continually leave lips nourished and protected.

Episode #47 – Push Away to Greatness

Dale Alford – United States Marine Corps Major General (Ret.)

Julian “Dale” Alford is a United States Marine Corps Major General (Ret.), who, most recently, was the Commanding General of the USMC Training Command at Quantico (Jun 2021 – Aug. 2022). Maj. Gen. Alford previously served as the Commanding General of USMC Installations-East at Camp Lejeune (Aug 2017 – Jun 2021); During this tour he also deployed to Afghanistan as the Command General for Task Force Southwest (Oct 2018 – Jul 2019); He was the Commanding General of the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory at Quantico VA. (Jun 2015 – Jul 2017); A Military Fellow for the Council on Foreign Relations NYC (Sept 2012 – Jun 2013); and Commanding Officer of The Basic School at Quantico VA (Jun 2010 – Jun 2012). He commanded infantry units in combat at the platoon, company and battalion level.

Maj. Gen. Alford’s career has spanned over 37 years, with overseas deployments to Panama (1989), the Gulf War (1990/’91), the Mediterranean Sea (1992), Liberia (1996), Okinawa (1997), plus three tours in Iraq and three tours in Afghanistan (2003-2019). Maj. Gen. He received an M.S. in Strategic Studies from the Marine Corps War College (2007), an M.S. in Military Studies from the Marine Corps Command and Staff College (2002); and a B.S. in Geography from the University of West Georgia (1987).

Episode #44 – Balancing Greatness

Cindy Vavra – Co-Founder of ZeSa,

Cindy Vavra was born and raised on a Southern Minnesota dairy farm, where she acquired a hard work ethic and learned the importance of daily functional movement. Working for over 30 years in the legal industry, she was also a partner in a large corporate farming business. Leaving both behind to pursue her passion in health and wellness, she moved to Minneapolis and immersed herself in the fitness industry, obtaining certifications as a Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, group fitness and yoga Instructor, while simultaneously co-founding and helping to create and build ZeSa. ZeSa is a Minneapolis based start-up that’s developed a progressive line of patented instability training devices used for athletic training, fitness, injury prevention and recovery. Cindy recently proudly became a member of the North Carolina Center for Optimization of Military Performance, a new consortium formed for the purpose of unifying, accelerating, and delivering innovations in military health and performance.

Episode #42 – 1st and Greatness

Dave DesRochers – CEO & Founder of Amployers, Inc and The 1st & Goal Project

Dave DesRochers is a former NFL Football player with the Seattle Seahawks 88-’89 and the Montreal Machine ’91 & ’92. He is currently the CEO & Founder of Amployers, Inc and The 1st & Goal Project, Inc. (non-profit). He also serves as V.P. for the NFLPA Orange County Chapter and a keynote speaker. After football, he spent a couple years acting in TV shows, commercials, and a couple movies. Then he spent 20 successful years in the financial services industry, consistently a top 5% performer for various broker-dealers, #1 & #3 in the country in life insurance sales for American General before opening his own small boutique firm. During this period, he spent a couple years as a V.P. for a small regional bank where he converted the #36 ranked branch (of 37) into the #2 overall performing branch in one year.

Episode #39 – Deliberately Intentional Greatness


Gabriela Kroetch is a mother of two, wife of 19 years to her husband, Josh, and believes in America. As a first-generation immigrant, she strongly feels that it is a privilege to be an American and that it should be cherished each day.

Born and raised in Slovakia, at the end of a four-decade-long communist rule, she, and her family, experienced firsthand, the immense injustices and hardships of this regime. Through it all, her family remained optimistic and hopeful for a better future. Gabriela was raised to be an independent freethinker who exemplifies character, internal fortitude, and integrity.