About Think GREAT - Think Great

In 2008, Erik Therwanger was the vice president of a media company when he wrote two words on a coffee shop napkin – Think GREAT. Beginning by introducing his GOAL Formula to audiences, Think GREAT has evolved into the premiere resource destination for businesses looking to transform their people and magnify their results.

Specializing in leadership development, strategic planning, sales performance, and goal-setting, Think GREAT continues to grow to meet the needs of those striving for greatness. Never settle for good results, when GREAT results are possible.


We create a wave of dynamic thinking that empowers individuals and business leaders to set and accomplish their goals, no matter what circumstances they face.


Focused on creating a worldwide people movement, Think GREAT will be the international leader in personal and professional growth by increasing business elevation, developing high levels of team engagement, and forging dynamic leaders.


To share the CURE for Social Distancing and unify business teams
around the world.

Core Values