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2018 Speaker Showcase

TedX Talk

Erik’s Remax Keynote Clip #1

The Potential of Millennials

Erik’s Remax Keynote Clip #2

Develop Leadership at Every Level

Defining Leadership

Develop a Unifying Culture

Dynamic Communication

Find a Goal Hero

Leaders Establish the Culture

Manage the Work, Lead the People

The Disengagement Epidemic

The Power of Tracking

When Facing Challenges Leaders Take Responsibility

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Watch clips of Erik Therwanger as he dynamically shares some of the most powerful, game-changing concepts from his speeches and workshops with audiences around the world. Share these videos with your team and begin to start a transformation in their perceptions!

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In the telling of his life experiences Erik Therwanger gives an incredibly moving performance. In my own life, I would find it difficult to match the positive energy and attitude of this amazing individual. Most importantly for a group of hospitality industry professionals, each of us walked away with valuable development tools for use in our careers paths as well as a renewed sense of purpose for our everyday lives. I heartedly recommend engaging Erik for your group gathering. Your attendees will thank you!

Sara-ann Kasner - CEO & Founder, National Concierge Association