G.R.E.A.T. Goals - Think Great

Set and Accomplish Your Goals
No Matter What Circumstances You Face.

Plug Your Goals into The GOAL Formula

There is nothing more frustrating than setting a goal and failing to accomplish it. Every goal we possess is a vital piece of the Big Picture in our lives. Now, you can do more than just set goals, you can exceed them.

The GOAL Formula

From the pages of his first book, The GOAL Formula, learn the strategies and techniques that have allowed thousands of people to identify their greater purpose, accomplish their goals, and achieve a more fulfilling life.

GPS: Goal Planning Strategy

As the companion piece to, The GOAL Formula, the GPS is a 90-Day Power Journal that will allow you to take control of each day and stay on track with every goal you are striving for.

Empowering Steps

Step 1

The Big

Identify a clear vision for your greater purpose in life

Step 2


Learn the power of scheduling and controlling your days

Step 3


Beginning with your mindset, you will also harness the power of people

Step 4


Using the GPS, you map out, and stay on track with your goals

Take a Closer Look

How important are your GOALS?

Because goals provide much more than hope and inspiration, you do not want to leave them to chance. You will impact your life and the lives of others when you make the choice to set, accomplish, and exceed your goals.

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With over 28 years as a Marine Corps Officer, 3 years as a business executive and now a business owner, I thought I had a good handle on goal setting and then going about accomplishing those goals. I have to tell you, I just finished reading the Goal Formula, GPS and 3-D Sales Not only did I find refreshing new ideas these books were invaluable to enabling me to really dial in my goal planning and more importantly, the “why” behind those goals. Those books will remain on my desk and will be books I recommend to friends.

BP McCoy - Colonel USMC (ret), Founder Xiphos Initiatives LLC