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Business System

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Team Development

Deep-Dive Sessions

Become the Business Pilot Your Company Needs

Bring The Business Elevation System into Your Organization

Businesses were not designed to stay on the ground. If you are like most business pilots, you are ready for your business aircraft to do what it was designed for… to ELEVATE to new levels of achievement. From the pages of Erik Therwanger’s acclaimed book, ELEVATE: Take Your Business to the Next Level, learn how to balance The Four Forces of Business Elevation and gain control of your business aircraft.

The Business Elevation System (BES)

Providing proven, field-tested strategies, Erik utilizes his book, ELEVATE to prepare strategy for all organizations, regardless of the size of the business, or the size of the challenges. Build and maintain the competitive edge needed to support your vision.

Empowering Topics

Part 1


Your Destination
Your Route
Your ETA

Part 2


Business Aviators
Business Flight Crew
Business Synergy

Part 3


Hazard Avoidance
Tangible Obstacles
Intangible Turbulence

Part 4


Structural Integrity
In-Flight Refueling
Earn Your Wings

4 Part Series
Business Flight School

Interactive Courses

Up to 90 minutes

This powerful presentation introduces your team to business aviation concepts needed to soar to new levels of success while empowering and engaging your entire aircrew.

4 Part Series

Interactive Courses

3 Hour Workshops

This dynamic series explores each of the four parts of ELEVATE and provides business leaders with the skills required to balance The FOUR Forces of Business Elevation.

For the full impact, copies of ELEVATE and interactive workbooks are available!

Business Flight School

Interactive Courses

3 Hour and 6 Hour Sessions

This 5-part program is a detailed process that does more than just create your Flight Plan. The BES develops your identity, unifies your team, empowers your leaders, and teaches the techniques to implement your plan and overcome the challenges you will face, while encouraging consistent business growth. Materials provided.

Elevate your Business to New Heights

From the pages of his game-changing book, ELEVATE, Erik Therwanger will introduce you to a new approach to strategic planning. Focusing on a unique aviation language, prepare to create the plan that will allow you to take-off.

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Over the years I have attended several of ThinkGreat's educational programs and consider Erik Therwanger an expert in leadership development, team building and strategic planning. Erik is a top quality speaker who has the ability to connect with everyone in the room. I recently hired Erik to facilitate a strategic planning retreat using his ELEVATE program and it was wildly successful. Erik is a pro and a veteran of the speaking industry, his insight and ideas are clear and concise and effective. We can't wait to have him continue the momentum working with us as we take our business to the next level.

Jeanne Britton Hutter, Vice President Lakeville Area Chamber & Convention and Visitors Bureau