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Perhaps the most critical element of any successful event is the speaker. At Think GREAT, we wholeheartedly agree! If you are ready to move from GOOD speakers to a GREAT speaker, then Erik Therwanger is your premiere choice for inspiring your audience.

Erik’s professional, unique, and interactive style will provide three core components – known as E³

While Erik will customize his presentation to meet the exact needs of your audience and the outcomes for your event, here are four of his most-requested topics. Erik will also intertwine his personal experiences as a U.S. Marine, his wife’s caregiver, and an executive business leader to leave a lasting and meaningful impact.

Speaking Topics

Leadership Development

Inspiring message that everyone is a leader and can make a positive impact

Strategic Planning

Motivational message that your business is an aircraft that needs to soar higher

Sales Performance

Dynamic message that encourages high levels of performance and results


Life-changing message that you can accomplish your goals, no matter what you face

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Up to 90 Minutes

Erik will customize a powerful message for your audience, sharing his incredible personal story while interweaving  elements ranging from leadership development and strategic planning to sales training and goal-setting.



Up to 3 Hours                                                                                   

As a perfect and seamless compliment to your events, Erik will deliver breakout sessions that will teach your audience valuable and relevant concepts to improve their leadership skills, strategic planning results, and sales performance.


POWERFUL COURSES                    

Up to 6 Hours

Erik maintains high levels of engagement and participation as he guides audiences through all-day workshops, focused on taking a deeper dive into the strategies required for elite leadership, business elevation, and sales excellence.

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Make an impact at your next event by bringing Erik in to share his story. He will inspire, motivate, and engage your audience.

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In the telling of his life experiences Erik Therwanger gives an incredibly moving performance. In my own life, I would find it difficult to match the positive energy and attitude of this amazing individual. Most importantly for a group of hospitality industry professionals, each of us walked away with valuable development tools for use in our career paths as well as a renewed sense of purpose for our everyday lives. I heartedly recommend engaging Erik for your group gathering. Your attendees will thank you!

Sara-ann Kasner - CEO & Founder, National Concierge Association