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A GREAT Restart

It’s officially here – Q3! It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already halfway over. Quick question – did your first half turn out the way you had anticipated? Even if your year has been really good, could the next half be GREAT? The unfortunate reality is that most business leaders are not where they need to be – their business, their teams, or their results.

How is it that we start each year off with the best of intentions, but so many people miss the mark? It’s easy to lose focus and begin to focus on things that do not move us forward – attendance issues, performance problems, and even bad attitudes can play a significant role in our ability to achieve greater results. The list could go on and on of excuses and often does for many leaders. But there is a solution to get the rest of your year back on track and poised for success.

For starters, too many people miss out on the abundance that their life and their business has to offer. When we spend too much time focusing on what has not worked, we miss the opportunity to re-focus on what will work. Stop striving for perfection. Instead, shoot for progress each day. Ask this question to your team, “How can we get better?” Starting a meeting off with this thought-provoking question will start the ideas flowing of how to improve team performance, and ultimately, open the door for new opportunities.

Perhaps you want to have stronger sales results. Maybe you want to land more clients. You may be striving to build better relationships – with your team or your family (or both). Whatever goals you want to achieve before 2020 gets here, now is the perfect time to get your mindset in motion. We all have two mindsets – Parked Mindset and Motion Mindset. If you plan on “driving” to a bountiful Q3 and Q4, then you need to leave the parking lot of mediocrity – status quo, negativity, worrying, and complaining. It’s time to get into motion – status grow, positivity, strategizing, and praising.

Your actions will inevitably gravitate toward your most dominating thought. Yes, your thoughts will manifest into your actions. Negative thoughts breed feelings of frustrations. A lack of taking responsibility lead to finger-pointing. A lackluster belief level yield sub-par performance. Remember to Think GREAT: control your thoughts and your actions.   

Is it always easy? Absolutely not! But it is always worth it. This week, instead of focusing on the “cons” in your business and your life, focus on the “pros” and look for new opportunities to take your life and your career to the next levels.

Focus on these three steps:

1. Set new and exciting goal for the second half of 2019.
2. Announce your goals to people who will help to hold you accountable.
3. Have the attitude of gratitude for everything you have, and let it be known. This is the foundation of a Motion Mindset

Imagine how wonderful the next six months will be as you take these steps – with GREAT enthusiasm!!!

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