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The Cure for Social Distancing

Are you prepared to repair the damage in your business, caused by social distancing?
Wait, what? There is damage happening? Yes, and the symptoms are already showing in the workplace. If left unchecked and uncured, the ripple effect of destruction will begin to dismantle business teams in the months and years to come. If teamwork is important to you, you cannot “hope” your way to a healthy and energetic team, you need a cure for social distancing.

For most of 2020, the majority of businesses have been practicing social (physical) distancing to fight the spread of COVID-19 and we have experienced the highest numbers of remote workers the business world has ever seen. This was done quickly, perhaps abruptly, and with very little preparation. Time Magazine even referred to the worldwide pandemic as “The largest work from home experiment.” Through it all, we have been distanced from co-workers, professional colleagues, and our clients.

We must be prepared for the long-term negative impact that “distancing” will have on our businesses. It is undeniable that teamwork is essential for success in the workplace. Without question, teams are always at their strongest when the people are gathered – together, unified. Yet, we have been ordered to be distanced; separated from the ones we work with. What will the effect be on our teams as we continue to distance ourselves for the rest of 2020 and the majority of 2021?

The impending fallout from social distancing is not an “if it will happen” but rather a “when it will happen?” Do not worry – we have the cure!
Think GREAT is positioning businesses to administer the C³URE for Social Distancing™.
1. Cohesion – unite the key leadership team
2. Connection – develop everyone to think and act as leaders
3. Communication – unify your team with the shared language of success

I encourage you to provide your team with the C³URE for Social Distancing™ instead of paying the heavy price on the impending damage that is coming from social distancing.
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