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Think GREAT Coaching is designed with one purpose: to provide you with the dedication, accountability, and guidance you need to achieve the desired results you demand. Employing the strategies and techniques from his book, The GOAL Formula, Erik Therwanger will encourage, challenge and support you as you accomplish the goals you desire and deserve in your life.

Perfect for sales people, managers, leaders, executives, business owners, or anyone who wants to achieve new levels of success in their lives. Think GREAT Coaching sessions are highly flexible, allowing you the freedom to work them into your own agenda and schedule.

Big Picture

camera icon (1)People easily give up on their goals, even important, life-changing goals, when they fail to develop their Big Picture. Erik will first help you to clearly articulate your unique Big Picture – the areas of your life that are the most important.

Long-Term Goals

arrow icon 2Crucial for bringing your Big Picture into crystal clear focus, your long-term goals will then be identified. They are important puzzle pieces that will not only allow your Big Picture to be realized, but they will provide inspiration and help you to overcome short-term obstacles.

Short-Term Goals

arrow iconFrom your long-term goals, Erik will help you to breakdown and identify the necessary short-term goals that can be accomplished in 90-day blocks of time. These “smaller” goals provide you with the motivation needed to stay the course as you strive to accomplish your long-term goals.

90-Day Run

90 iconOne thing that we can all agree on is that the next 90 days are coming. We cannot change that, but we can enhance our results. Erik’s 90-Day Run is designed to help you to optimize each day in your “Run.” As your coach, Erik will work with your schedule to position your to accomplish your goals, achieve your Big Picture, and have a greater life.

Think GREAT Coaching is a dynamic one-on-one coaching program unlike anything else in this world! You will have ongoing, consistent communication with Erik, which will help you to elevate your personal and professional achievements!

Although personal coaching will benefit anyone, it is not for everyone! It takes a person with deep desire and an unwavering determination to accomplish life-changing goals. When your goals create a burning desire in you, then the Think GREAT Coaching Program will help you build a sturdy bridge, designed specifically to support your path to personal and professional enrichment.

Erik’s Coaching Clients receive an electronic version of his GPS: Goal Planning Strategy. This 90-Day Power Journal will help you to stay focused, to make the necessary course-corrections, and to accomplish your goals.

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