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Create a Sense of Urgency

The difference between where you are and where you want to be is what you do.

Great Thinker,

Words alone cannot express how excited I am that you are harnessing the power of your GPS (Goal Planning Strategy) during your 90 Day Run. I am more than confident that you will accomplish your goals, which are life-changing and remarkable in magnitude and degree.

Your GPS will take you beyond merely writing down your goals; it will allow you to focus on the planning and strategy of accomplishing them, no matter what circumstances you face.

The process of setting up your GPS is an exciting time. The techniques you learned about by reading my book, The GOAL Formula™, will come to life and help you to stay on track with your results as you monitor your performance on a daily basis.

Starting your GPS is a great step but continuing to use it throughout your 90 Day Run will ensure that you stay on course. Remember, the following pages are merely templates for your path to greatness. The most important thing you can do is to take action.

I want to encourage you to go after the life you have always wanted – personally and professionally. As your Goal Coach, I will be with you on your journey!

Think GREAT,


Setting up your Goal Planning Strategy is such an exciting process! Investing time in the development of your GPS will ensure that all of the valuable information necessary for a successful 90 Day Run has been entered.

Your GPS will provide you with eight unique components; all designed to work together to help you successfully complete your 90 Day Run. I have designed the following pages to be a constant source of support, structure, and motivation.

Individual components of your GPS:
• Personal Contract
• Overview
• Short-Term Goals
• G.R.E.A.T. Goal Sheet
• Goal Status Sheet
• Daily Action Planner
• Daily Journal
• GREAT Achievements

As you complete each of the eight components of your GPS, be as detailed as possible. A clearly defined GPS will help you orchestrate all your actions and create momentum, even before your 90 Day Run starts!

I will give you one tip: put your heart into your plan, so your plan can get into your heart. When your heart and your mind are on the same page, the power of your GPS will elevate your ability to accomplish any goal you desire.

Below are some examples of the GREAT course-correcting pages you will find in your GPS:

Personal contract


Short Term Goals

Goal Status

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