4-Star Speakers

Visionary – Inspirational – Powerful

Minnesota is the only state to designate an entire month (October) for veteran voices. Hubbard Radio wants their stories to get told and their stories to get listened to. We can help to close the understanding gap.

Motivating and engaging strategies for your business and your life can come in many different forms. 4 Star Speakers share life-changing and business-enhancing insights from each branch of our armed services: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Experience just what your organization, or family needs to increase engagement and elevate to new levels.

While each speaker may have served in different branches and during different eras, they all share a common bond. Each one raised their right hand and took an oath to our nation. Their combined message of teamwork, perseverance, and commitment will open up new unlimited possibilities in every facet of life.

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