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The LEADERSHIP Link program is a collaborative deep-dive which incorporates leadership training by Erik Therwanger, a networking community, and a sounding board of peer leaders. From the pages of Erik’s book, The LEADERSHIP Connection, our 12-month program provides a comprehensive study and discussion of each chapter in the book. This program comes with a book, notes, collaboration and take-home exercises (i.e. homework) to implement the ideas into your business and creates accountability with the group to follow through. The Link is a journey to create a powerfully productive culture which will evolve the way you visualize, communicate and work resulting in increased engagement, attitude, energy and revenue.

**New to the Link for 2018 – From the pages of Erik’s strategic planning book, ELEVATE, we will be interweaving the BES – Business Flight School – into The LEADERSHIP Link, to provide guidance on enhancing the structure for your business. Each month will provide additional training and exercises to help you and your team create/enhance your systems and your Flight Plan – positioning you to accomplish your most important goals and reach new levels of ELEVATION.

To maximize the results of each monthly session, every table is set up based on the leadership level of the leaders:

  • EXECUTIVE TABLE            – Owners, C‐Level, Presidents, VPs
  • FRONT LINE TABLE           – Directors, Regional Managers, Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • NEXT WAVE TABLE          – New Managers & Supervisors

Registration Deadlines
EXECUTIVE & FRONT LINE – Sept 5th, 2018
NEXT WAVE – Sept 6th, 2018

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